How long have you been Vegan? I have been vegan since 2008. I had been vegetarian for about 8 years in my early 20's. After a few year hiatus, i.e.: meat indulgence, I went vegan and have not looked back. 


Is there a No Whey Vegan Bakery retail facility? At this time we do not have a storefront. We partner with restaurants and coffee shops that carry our products. They get deliveries of one or more items every week in rotating flavors. Check our "Feed My Craving Today" (Partners) tab for retailer info.  

Is there a favorite shop you'd like to see No Whey offered? Make sure to tell the owner about us and send us an email!

Interested in carrying No Whey products at your restaurant or shop? Great! Send us an email We are interested in speaking with you!

Do you offer Gluten-free? Yes! Most cake and cupcake flavors are offered as Gluten Free. If no notation of GF is visible for that flavor please contact us to see if we can offer it. Our products are not baked in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen. Our Gluten Free offerings contain a variety of wheat-free flours that indicate gluten-free on their packaging. However, other crucial ingredients used in our products could be processed in a facility that may also produce products that do have gluten. If you are diagnosed with Celiac's or any other serious illness or if you are gifting these to a loved one please use your best judgement when consuming our products. 

Can i order cupcakes without frosting?  YES! Order naked cupcakes (no frosting) or choose a crumb topping. 


What flavors are coming soon? Follow me on Instagram @nowheybakery or Facebook @NoWheyBakery. You'll always be in the know! Feel free to email me your flavor favorite. You never know, it may make the menu!

What do you use in place of eggs and butter? Each recipe is a little different. Through trial and error I have found non-dairy, non-soy, non-processed natural options that magically deliver the perfect balance of delectable yum. 

Where do you get your protein? No one was ever concerned with my protein intake before I was vegan NOR is anyone really concerned with protein content in cupcakes, right? My 3 square meals consist of about 50% vegetables, 30% beans, seitan, legumes, tempeh, tofu, etc., 20% (ok..maybe more at times) whole grains.