My Story

Apparently, I've always loved to bake. Reflecting back to my earlier years it becomes obvious how I ended up here today.


It all started in the kitchen with three amazing women. Seven layer cookies with Grandma Leanore; acting as a prep chef for Grandma Irene, and how could I forget cousin Emma whipping up dinner for a house full of guests in no time?

In my later teens and early 20's preparing baskets of cookies and baked goods for friends was not unusual. Who knew that no reason was in turn the best reason for cookies!


In the late 90's on a whim I attended a local cake decorating course which taught me basic icing, frosting and decorating skills.

Then, in 1999 was the birth of my first child, Alex. Then in 2000 my second, Trevor. Well... these kids needed cakes, right? We dreamt up themes for each birthday - alligators, magic, luau themes. For days I would plan, bake and frost. What fond memories! 


As the years passed I ventured into baking bread - not the yeast kind.... pumpkin, zucchini, banana. These goodies became a go-to breakfast item many mornings! Don't judge. It's better than leaving for school on an empty stomach!


In 2008 I made a major life change. I went vegan. I had been vegetarian in my early 20's for about 7 years so I was well versed in the subject. Taking the leap to 100% plant based was an easy and exciting transition. 

Then, one day the life altering question was so innocently asked, "Hey babe, why don't you make your zucchini bread vegan style?"


It was a triple dog dare of sorts that I just could not walk away from. Geez.. why couldn't I? Within a nano second I had made this a full blown mission to prove that vegan desserts CAN be just as good...No! BETTER than non-vegan. (I tend to be very determined, OK, slightly obsessive when I am on a mission) And so it began... 

I started with a few friend and family favorites - Pumpkin, Zucchini and Chocolate( yes, Trevor, I am still working on banana). I figured if I could make these cakes in a vegan version I may be able to enjoy some treats I loved in my pre-vegan days. Samples were passed around to local business owners, co-workers, friends and family. All but one of the taste testers are full blown butter lovin' meat eaters. 


NO WAY!  No eggs? No milk? No butter? All replied the same way when learning they had just consumed a 100% plant based vegan dessert. 


Then, it happened. "Are you selling these cupcakes?" Wait, what? I could monetize this hobby? Humph. Interesting. Let me work on that. 


Each recipe I conquered made me dream of the next flavor to test. What a rush! My imagination ran wild with new flavors and twists every night. It became a passion. A gut feeling to push this hobby to the next level. 


So, how did we arrive at the name? Funny story. Vacation, brunch, cool outside bar in sunny San Diego, CA. A few hours later it came to us. It was SO obvious. It made total sense. (Go back a few paragraphs...yup, there it is ..the light bulb!)


And, here we are today - No WHEY Vegan Bakery.


Thank you to all who have supported me, put up with me and tested my samples. I appreciate your honest feedback and great ideas. Keep them coming!